Bell’s Home Inventory works with you to create detailed documentation. If you have a loss we want you to have thorough records beforehand. We take the time to care about you, and your family. Our documentation will get you accurately covered, settled and back home fast.

After we perform your onsite inventory, we put your information and inventory into designed software. All information is transferred to a media drive. Within 7-10 days you will receive the media drive in a portfolio of your inventory in the format insurance adjusters require.


Bell’s Home Inventory will photograph items of your choosing. By taking a photograph it is possible to determine the size of an item as well as possibly positively identifying an item by campaign individual/unique markings, dings or scratches.

Data Documentation

Bell’s Home Inventory will document your belongings that will include identifiers such as make, model, serial numbers or personal identifiers.

Video Documentation

Bell’s Home Inventory will document both exterior and interior of your home or organization and your possessions with a digital video.

Disaster Response Inventory

Dealing with the aftermath of a fire, flood, or natural disaster is overwhelming and complicated. Bell’s Home Inventory is experienced in working with homeowners to sift through the remaining belongings with sensitivity and care.

Home Security Audit

This is a basic security audit of your residence security faults to be examined include, lighting, landscaping, locks, windows, alarm system and more. this audit is to decrease your chances of becoming a victim of a residential burglary or theft.

Home Fire Safety Audit

This is a basic fire safety audit of your residence fire safety faults to be examined include, fire detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguishers, electrical outlets, flammable and hazardous materials storage, locks, windows, fire escape routes and much more. This audit is to decrease your chances of losing your home, possessions and life to a residential fire.