• Know Specifically what your insurance policy covers in detail.
  • Know for sure that you have adequate insurance coverage.
  • Know the value of your personal property and belongings.
  • Speeds up the insurance claims process.
  • Increases the chances for Law Enforcement to recover loss & stolen property.
  • Simplify your life.

Insurance Claims- A home inventory will assist you in evaluating your insurance policy for adequate coverage on your possessions. Insurance companies require proof of ownership and documentation of your possessions when you file a claim for loss and damaged property.

Receive settlements faster because you will be able to identify in detail what is lost.

Estate Planning and Settlement- An estate Inventory will help you to establish value of your personal property and create a permeant record of your heirlooms for your family. This will be a comfort to your family and heirs.

Theft, Loss, Stolen PropertyA home inventory will help you determine all property and items that get lost, or stolen. Time is crucial for law enforcement. The items with detailed descriptions and photographs are entered into a nationwide database, which will identify the case number and the owner.

Renters & Landlords- Both benefit from documenting the condition and contents of rental property. Renters should also document their personal property for insurance purposes. Your landlord’s insurance will not cover your belongings.

Churches and Organizations- One of the smartest things your church or organization could ever do is to complete a personal property inventory. Keep an official listing or database of your organizations property. Have one designated person keep track of all inventory records. If disaster strikes and your organization suffers a loss, you will have to list and described items.

Moving or Remolding- A home inventory will give you proper documentation showing the condition of your possessions, if you have to file a claim for damage and lost items with the moving company. You will be able to account for, and verify that all your possessions arrived to your location.

Objective Third Party Party- Bell’s Home Inventory Works with you and your attorney in situations where an uninvolved third party is required to perform a property inventory. Pre-nuptial agreements, divorce and estate settlements, etc…. will require an inventory.

Simplify Your Life- You will have a detailed listing of what you own available when you need it, whether it’s for insurance purposes, estate planning, estate valuation, tax issues, moving, legal issues or other reasons. In times of need and despair you will have a peace of mind.