Insurance Info

Before You Buy An Insurance Policy

  • Complete a home inventory list with descriptions & photographs of your property & contents.
  • Take notes for future reference, as the agent explains the proposed coverages to you.
  • Read the proposed policy. Understand key terms (Deductible, Exclusions, Limitations, Riders)
  • You will need a separate policy for jewelry,artwork, antiques, collectibles, firearms, and furs,
  • Complete the application form thoroughly.



When You Have A Claim

  • Review your policy and notes.
  • Promptly notify your insurance agent of the loss.
  • Do not exaggerate information.
  • Keep a log of all correspondences with the insurance company & agents.
  • Provide evidence to prove your claim (Your Home Inventory List).
  • Make copies of all documentation forwarded to your insurance company.
  • Get your own estimate of the loss.
  • Do not submit to an examination under oath without legal council.
  • Do not sign a check or release until you are satisfied it is fair.
  • Do not make permeant repairs until an insurance appraiser inspects your home.Your claim might be denied.
  • You can make temporary repairs to protect your home from looting and other damage.
  • Be present during the insurance adjuster’s inspection and take notes. You may want your own contractor present to represent your interests.
  • After a major claims event (Disaster/Storm). Public adjusters offer help with insurance claims for a percentage of your insurance claim. You are not required to hire a public adjuster.