4 Rooms $240.00

6 Rooms $360.00

10 Rooms $600.00

Additional Rooms

$60.00 Per Room

Garage Inventories   Call For a Quote

On Site Loss Analysis up to 8 Hours Onsite $800.00

Holiday Inventory   $100.00

Customize Your Home Inventory Call For a Quote.

Update Your Home Inventory   Call For a Quote

Add a Video To Any Of The Above Packages   $30.00

Additional Hard Copies of Inventory Catalogue $55.00

Additional Media Drive Copies of Inventory Catalogue $30.00

Home Security Audit: Call For A Quote.

Home Fire Safety Audit: Call For A Quote

We charge mileage of $0.55/mile (One Way) for services more than 30 miles beyond our zip-code (12553) and bridge fairs.

Other fees such as overnight lodging may apply when working outside of normal working area.

EXAMPLE: 1 to 4 rooms = $240.00. You want 5 rooms to be inventoried inside of your home.

additional rooms = $60.00 each. The total cost would = $300.00

ALL the packages above comes with written and photographic documentation. Your completed home inventory list will be presented to you in a well organized binder, and in the format insurance agents and adjusters require.