• What We Give You

    What We Give You

    Once completed you will receive a professional portfolio of your inventory including a flash media version of your home business or church.

  • Seminars


    Learn to be safe in your home and business. Learn to be aware of dangerous situations. Know what to do to protect your family and employees before a disaster strikes. Don't become a victim unexpectedly

  • Disaster Preparedness

    Disaster Preparedness

    Disaster can strike quickly without warning. It can force you to you evacuate your neighborhood or confine you to your home.

You Can Depend On Bell’s Home Inventory To Keep Track Of Your Home Or
Organizations Possessions

Would you be prepared if your home were destroyed by a fire, hurricane tornado, heavy winds or burglary? A professional Bell’s Home Inventory can make a significant difference in the dollar amount you save when you purchase and renew home or renters insurance, the amount you recover, the time it takes to settle your claim, replace your property and rebuild your home or organization. After the firetrucks and police cars have gone, you are left with emotional trauma. The first thing your insurance adjuster and law enforcement will require is a detailed inventory list of your property and possessions.

Why Bell’s Home Inventory?

Whether you are a homeowner, renter or organization leader, thinking about damage, loss and dangers that destroy our homes, possessions, and our community is something we deny happening to us. We put off investing in the necessary services to protect our possessions and reduce our loss of assets When you hire Bell’s Home Inventory, you get a company with the ability to help get your family or organization back home.

Our Team

With our extensive background in loss prevention and disaster preparedness, we can provide you with detailed insurance inventories as well as security surveys and prevention education on your home or organization’s safety, contents and recovery.


  • Pre-Disaster Loss Inventory for Accurate Insurance Coverage & Fast Accurate Recovery.
  • Home Disaster & Fire Loss Inventory For Insurance Claims.
  • Inventory Report Listing Detailed Descriptions of Items, Including Serial/Model Numbers .
  • Room-By-Room Inventory Photography.
  • Home Inventory By Location Report.
  • Home Inventory By Category Report.
  • Data Media Drive (includes all inventory data & original digital images).
  • Prepare & File An Insurance Claim Quickly
  • Quickly Forward Information To Police To Assist In Recovery
  • Home Security & Fire Prevention Surveys.
  • Home, Family, Business & Personal Safety Training Classes.
  • Public & Private Speaking Events.
  • CPR/AED/First Aid Training.
  • Hands On Fire Extinguisher Training.
  • New York State Security Guard Training Classes.